Products & Equipment

Here you will find a list of products and equipment that you can use to customise your sneakers. Click on the images for more information

Please also refer to the free Custom Sneaker Checklist eBook to find out what these products are used for.


Leather Acrylic Paint

Leather Acrylic Paint


Cotton Pads

Cotton Buds

Angelus Paint Brushes

Angelus Micro Detail Brushes

Vinyl Tape

Matte Acrylic Finisher

Masking Tape

Heat Gun

IWATA Airbrush

Air Compressor

Airbrush Paint Thinner

Angelus 2-Soft


Resealable Bottles

Resealable Pots

Craft Knife

Stencil Cutting Machine

Vinyl Roll

Vinyl Sheets

Transfer Tape


Vinyl Weeding Tools

Cutting Mat

Airbrush Cleaner

Angelus 2-Hard

Adhesion Promoter

Adhesion Promoter

Tape Measure

LK Primer


Goo Gone

Leather Dye

Suede Dye

Sand Paper


Nail Cutter

Sewing Awl

Strong Glue

Fabric Scissors


Neutral Paint

E6000 Glue

Mod Podge Sealer

Colour Changing Paints

Mini Iron

Paint Duller

Cake Turner

Cutting Mat

Cardboard Box

Lint Roller

Compressed Air Duster

Shoe Tree

Paint Brush Cleaner

Eye Dropper