About Afro Kickz

Aida Kiraya entered the sneaker customising game in 2018, with her brand Afro Kickz. Aida’s main aim was to create sneakers that were inspired by traditional African imagery and modern Black culture, so that teenagers like her younger brother would be proud to wear them. 

Growing up in North London, Aida as well as many of her peers would shy away from embracing their African heritage, this is why she knew she had to create something that would change that narrative. Afro Kickz was born out of the love Aida had for sneakers growing up, merged with the love she now has for her culture as an adult. 

In the two years since starting Afro Kickz, Aida has had the opportunity to coach Arsenal football players on how to customise sneakers for their fans, she has been flown abroad to work with major brands including adidas, and she has also customised sneakers live on both the POSCA FaceBook page, and at Deichmann events.

Her work with Afro Kickz has also led to Aida winning the LadBible’s ‘Custom’ competition series, speaking engagements at UK schools, running her own custom sneaker workshops, and creating sneakers for public figures such as UK comedian/actor Michael Dapaah, the former Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Magid Magid, and musician/YouTube star Dainá.

Afro Kickz' mission is to educate, inspire and create art for those who are underrepresented across the globe!



                                                                        Photo taken by Black & Whiteley