How much?

The only page where you will find a set price, is the shop page. If you would like a custom pair of sneakers there is no set price. The cost of each custom depends on three factors; the cost of the actual sneakers, the artwork you would like, and the time/detail that will be going into the piece. You can get a rough idea of the cost by looking at the ones already for sale, and comparing that to the idea that you have.

Send an email with your idea, shoe size and location, to info@afrokickz.com to receive a quote. All custom Pricing is NON-NEGOTIABLE.  All orders must be paid in FULL prior to actually starting the customisation process, unless stated otherwise.

Do you do custom designs?

Yes. If you would like to see your idea come to life then please fill out the form on the 'Contact Us' page.


How long does it take to make my shoes?

This all depends on how many orders have been placed before yours, and the time of year.  An email will be sent out once work has begun on your sneakers, you will also receive a time frame as to when your sneakers should be finished and ready to ship.

Do you do them in my size?

If you do not see your shoe size listed on the products page, please send an email to afrokickz@gmail.com to find out whether the design you want is possible in your size.

Please also keep in mind that all sizes on the site are in UK sizing. Double check on any shoes that you currently own to see the size conversion. Also, each shoe brand has their very own conversion table on their websites. You have to be 100% sure on the shoe size you are purchasing to make sure that your customs actually fit.

Will the paint actually last?

Top of the line products are used in order to create the customs. After the painting is complete, a matte acrylic sealant is used to ensure that the paint does not wear off. Under normal wearing conditions your shoes will last the normal lifespan of a regular pair of shoes. Though you must keep in mind that you are wearing a piece of art. Please do treat them with care.

Will the paint wash off?

The paint has a permanent bond with the shoe. It is waterproof. So if it rains, don’t worry, the colour won’t run off. Please also keep in mind that you are wearing art, so do not put them in the washing machine.


How do I care for my customs?

The best proven method is if your able to, use a gentle foam cleaner, such as Angelus Brand Foam-tex and a microfiber cloth to gently clean your shoes. If you don't have those handy, using warm water on a soft cloth should work just fine. Make sure that you avoid getting them dirty, as some stains may prove more difficult than others.


Are all your shoes the real deal?

All pairs are ordered from reputable stores such as Nike, Foot Locker, JD Sports, Office etc.


Can I send you my shoes to paint?

Yes, providing that they are new or in new condition. We do not paint on worn out sneakers as the customs will not be of high quality. We reserve the right to send back at the clients expense.

Email afrokickz@gmail.com and send images of the shoes that you are wanting to send.

I need these customs ASAP!

If you need your customs by a specific date, then email afrokickz@gmail.com. We will see what can be done in order to accommodate you. Though you must keep in mind the time of year, during the Christmas period we will not take express orders.

Can you copy/make like this?

No, we do not copy other artists work. Please contact the artist who created the customs, and ask them to make them for you.

I live outside the UK, can you ship to me?

Most definitely! We ship all over the world, providing that postal services ship there.

Return Policy

Due to the fact that all products are made to order, every order is final. No returns or exchanges will be accepted.