Info and Inspo Custom Sneaker Workshop

Info & Inspo in a platform that connects young people through events. Their aim is to inform, share and inspire.

On June 1st 2019, Info & Inspo held their second event. This event consisted of 1 hour workshops split up throughout the day. Our founder, Aida was invited to hold a sneaker customisation workshop. The event was sponsored by Nike, which meant that we were given a bunch of fresh Air Force One mids to get out hands on.

Due to the limited time, Aida prepared the shoes and painted outlines on them before the event. The design was loosely based off our Biggie x COOGI custom Air Force 1 lows.

Though the event itself was mixed with all genders, it just so happens that our workshop was filled with young women of colour.

The ladies were shown the original inspiration behind this design and were asked to create something of their own. After being told how to customise shoes, and given some Angelus leather acrylic paints, they began creating a pair of custom Air Force 1s.

A lot of the participants decided to colour within the lines given to them, where as some took it a step further, and really let their creativity take control.

Aida went around helping out when needed, but most of the time she was in awe at how creative the designs where. The thing that stood out the most was the fact that the younger the students were, the more they thought outside of the box. The more they created something that very vaguely resembled the example shown to them at the start. Their imagination was evident.

The hour flew by. At the beginning each participant was given only one foot to work on, and was able to take it home, along with some Angelus direct paints to keep working on their new found skill.

This crash course opened up a group of young women to a new form of self expression. The absolutely loved the workshop, and so did we!

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